How To Embed A Live Twitter Hashtag Search Inside A WordPress Post ?

You can easily embed a live Twitter Hashtag search in your WP post. You may do this either by using a Twitter Feed for WordPress plugin (via shortcode) or by creating your own Twitter Widget

Using WordPress Plugin:

  1. Install and activate Twitter Feed for WordPress
  2. Now for example if I had to embed WordPress Hashtag twitter search then I will be adding the following shortcode in my WordPress post:
[twitter-feed mode=”hashtag” hashtag=”WordPress”]

Note: You may change ‘WordPress’ (in above shortcode) to some other search term you like to embed. Know about more features of this plugins.

You can do same thing by creating a twitter widget also.

Creating a Twitter Widget:

  1. Login to Twitter and click this link.
  2. Click Create New Button
  3. Under the heading Choose a timeline source Select Search
  4. Enter search query with hashtag.
  5. Scroll down and click Create Widget.
  6. Now copy that code and paste it in your WordPress blog post or page.

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