How To Switch Between WordPress Multisite Network Types (From Subdirectory To Subdomain)?

A subdomain based WordPress multisite network uses a prefix in conjunction with the domain name whereas a subdirectory based uses a suffix. For example, is domain name where as is a subdomain and is a sub directory name.

When it comes to hosting WordPress based multisite network then you can create unlimited subdomain sites, even if you are using a plan with limited number of domains. The reason is, all subdomains created via WordPress multisite network are the virtual subdomains which are not created directly on your web server.

If you are a hosting your website on then you can install a sub-directory based WordPress multisite network in one click and we have already discussed about it here. Today a user at emailed us asking that he has installed a multisite WordPress network using’s one click WordPress install now he wants to change the sub-directory based multisite network to a sub-domain based network.

Switching network types is easy,

Simply login to your hosting account, launch your hosting, scroll to ‘Domains’ section on cPanel and click ‘Subdomains’

cPanel Subdomains

Now type ‘*’ on subdomain field, select a domain from dropdown and don’t forget to set directory to main public_html of your website (and now a new subdirectory).

Creating a subdomain

Finally, click the ‘Create’ button and move back to cPanel home.

Launch ‘File Manager’, open wp-config.php file of your WordPress multisite network website and find the line define( ‘SUBDOMAIN_INSTALL’, false ); and change it to define( ‘SUBDOMAIN_INSTALL’, true );

That’s it if you are hosting your website on but sometimes you also have to update the.htaccess file as per the new setup.

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