How To Add A Local Time Clock In WordPress?

If you are running a business or an online service where you provide live support everyday but for a limited period of time. Suppose you provide online support from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm (as per your location’s timezone) the you can display your support time with a local clock of your timezone which will display the same to all your website visitors.

Hence, in this way you can easily let others know when your team comes online on duty. Local Time Clock is the best way of displaying local time in your WordPress site. It allows you to display a flash clock on your sidebar (or any other widget area) set automatically to your location’s timezone.

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It provides you choice of clocks, colors and sizes. A range of analog and digital clocks with automatic adjustment of daylight saving time from the servers. You can easily assign multiple clocks to work on your website.

The clock has an HTML5 responsive design which automatically detects all device and serves flash, html5, javascript progressively.

How To Use Local Time Clock In WordPress?

Install and activate Local Time Clock plugin. After activation visit your admin area dashboard and follow the steps:

  1. Visit Appearance -> Widgets, and drag Local Time Clock widget to a widget area
  2. Select the country, city, size, and colors from the menu
  3. Save it and that’s all.

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