Easily Run Mobile Version Of Your WordPress Site On A Subdomain

Facebook, Twitter and there are many other popular websites that provides you separate URLs for mobile and desktop versions. This allows users to decide whether they like browsing the mobile version or accessing full site version on their mobile phones.

You can also create a subdomain for mobile version of your website and then redirect your WordPress site to mobile subdomain when accessed from a smartphone device.

Mobile Domain is a free WordPress plugin that redirects the desktop version of your website to its mobile version and uses the mobile subdomain whenever any visitor access your web through mobile browser.

To start using Mobile Domain plugin in your website, first you will be needing to create a subdomain like m.domain.com.

(If you are hosting your website on SANGKRIT.net, follow these steps:)

  1. Login into SANGKRIT.net and launch you account.
  2. Click ‘Hosting’ followed by launch button and login to cPanel
  3. Scroll down to ‘Domains’ section and click ‘Subdomains’
  4. Type a name on subdomain field and select a domain from dropdown
  5. You will be seeing a directory is automatically added in directory field, you can also change the directory name to custom
  6. Click the ‘Create’ button.

Now your second step is to install and activate Mobile Domain plugin. After activation visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Mobile Domain.

Mobile Domain 1

Now type in the subdomain you have created, select a mobile theme from the dropdown and there are a few other options. When you’re done, scroll down and select browser detection type function:

  • You can use WordPress function to check mobile browser
  • Or you can use mobile-domain function to check mobile browser (base on mobile browsers list bellow)
  • Or you can use both function

Mobile Domain 2

For facilitating your website users to go back to the desktop version, you can create a link to it, you can place separate links for mobile version and desktop version in the footer of your website.

Mobile Domain 3

The plugin also allows you to insert ad code and monetize your website, you can put any ads scripts from its options page and it will appear on your mobile version. It is also equipped with XML Sitemap Generator for mobile.

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