How To Remove Title Before Using WordPress.ORG’s Plugin Banners ?

Sometime while reviewing any plugin bloggers use the WordPress plugin banners in their articles. Today one of my blog reader asked me how I use the banners without title, since WordPress.ORG doesn’t give any option to save the plugin’s banner image and even when you right click it; it shows no option for saving that image. But you can use it without the print of its title by following few easy steps discussed here.

Using plugin banner assets

Step- 1 Visit the plugin’s page and copy the last (plugin’s name) URL slug. For example: If you want to use the banner of Diwali Countdown plugin then first you will be visiting the plugin’s page in WordPress.ORG

Step-2 Then you will copy the text in red of the plugin’s URL:

Step-3 Now you will be adding it to this URL in the address bar:

Step-4 Then you will press enter.

Step-5 Another directory page will come visible on your screen.

Step-6 Click the Assests

Step-7 You will be seeing a link like banner-772×250.png. Click that link and download the plugin’s banner with title removed.

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