How To Use 360° Product Rototation In WordPress?

360° Product rotation mean 3D Object presentation which is a common feature on online stores and E-commerce websites. The feature enables the website visitors to view any products from all sides (like 3D View) as shown in this example here. This tutorial explains you how you can use this feature for showcasing your products in WordPress.

Follow the steps:

  1. The first thing you need to do is use the free 3DRT Setup Utility for generating 360° of your products. (Read: how to)
  2. Second step is to upload those generated files to your website via FTP/cPanel
  3. Now install and activate 360 Product rotation plugin in your WordPress site and add its free license key in Dashboard -> Settings -> 360° Product rotation admin page.
  4. Finally use its shortcode for inserting the 360° product view in your website.

It accepts large image files and re-sizes them to fit desired output size. Difference between its free and premium version is that its free version displays a logo in the final 3D object presentation.

How To Use 360° Product Rotation plugin Shortcode?

[360 width="100%" height="375px" src="weddingring"]


  • src is the product folder name under *wp-content/uploads*. Nesting is supported, e.g. *src=”3d-products/client1/product01″*
  • width is your desired width in px or % (optional parameter, defaults to 500px)
  • height is your desired height in px or % (optional parameter, defaults to 375px)

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