Easily Show A Customizable Ribbon, Banner Or Badge On Your WordPress Site

Jeff Starr‘s WordPress plugin Show Support Ribbon allows you to display a customizable “support” ribbon, banner, or badge on your website.

WordPress Ribbon Plugin

Using Show Support Ribbon plugin you can display your favorite cause, event, charity, political event etc. It includes four built-in ribbon styles and makes it easy for you to customize its CSS with your own. Its easy to use and also includes shortcode and template tag for displaying ribbon anywhere you like. Install and activate it, then visit Dashboard -> Settings ->Show Support Ribbon.

WordPress Ribbon Plugin

By default it gets displayed at top right corner of your website but you can show it any where you like using shortcode or template tag.

Shortcode for displaying ribbon in posts and pages:


Template tag for display ribbon anywhere in your theme:

<?php if (function_exists(‘show_support_ribbon’)) show_support_ribbon(); ?>

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