How To Send Approved Comment Notification In WordPress?

Ever thought of robotically notifying your website users and visitors after approving their comments in your WordPress site? Now you easily do so with new plugin by Niels Van Renselaar.

Notifying users for approved comments not only encourages them to post more useful comments but also brings them back to your website.

Comment Approved is the new WordPress plugin that enables you to auto send a message notifying them that their comment is accepted on your website and now they can go on with ongoing discussion.

The message is completely customizable, you can easily edit it or add your own message from your admin area dashboard Settings -> Comment Approved page.

How To Use Comment Approved Plugin?

Install and activate it. After activation visit its admin page from ‘Settings’ menu and tick ‘Enable comment approved message’. Now customize the message (optional) and save your changes. That’s it.

Comment Approved

The notification message uses variables: %name%, and %permalink% which get auto changed to commentor’s name and his comment’s permalink when a notification is sent.

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