How To Access Your Laptop Music Collection On Android?

You can access and listen to all music saved on your computer’s hard drive from your Android phone or tablet.

This can be done by by streaming your laptop music files to your Android device over Internet or WiFi connection. There are various fee applications that lets you do so. In this tutorial we are discussing about the app we have tested.

With Subsonic music streamer you can easily stream your music from your desktop computer to your Android phone or tablet.

After installation, it requires you to download desktop server client on to your Linux/Windows/MAC computer.

When the server is installed, you can setup subsonic. The setup provides you access to your music collection. Also you can add other users too and provide them access to the server.

You can also setup a personal server address and access music over Internet.

After the setup is done, simply use the server address on your Android app and get access to your music collection. It provides you option to stream music over Wi-Fi or over Mobile data connection.

Another good thing about the app is that you can cache songs on app and listen them offline on Android. You can also make playlists and search your collection on the go.

Although the app is free but it has limitation over web server software. When the trial time is over then you will have to donate some amount in order to get access.

There are various alternatives of this app like WiFi Audio Wireless Speaker and WiFi Speaker lets you make your Android device work as a wireless speaker or headphone.

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