How To Notify Contributors When Their Post Get Approved Or Declined In WordPress ?

WP Status Notifier lets you send automatic email notifications to given email addresses for the blog posts pending for review. The plugin can also be used optionally to notify contributors when their post is accepted or rejected, The plugin is very useful for moderation in multi-contributors WordPress blogs.

Post Status Notifications

Install and activate it then visit Dashboard -> Settings -> Status Notifications page and set the options. You can can add comma separated email addresses to notify for pending post reviews.


  1. No need to manually check posts waiting for approval.
  2. Includes a link to edit and/or approve the post in the notification email.
  3. Optionally notifies contributors of the moderation status.
  4. The plugin requires no database access and adds almost zero overhead.
  5. Simple configuration options. Doesn’t require editing any .php files.

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