How To Add A Custom Message In WordPress Comment Form ?

You can easily display a custom message with your comment form and inform your commenters about your comment policy, encourage them to subscribe to follow up comments, site feed or newsletter, you can motivate them to comment on your website and more.

Comment Form Message is the brand new WordPress plugin that lets you display a highly customizable custom message above or below your WordPress comments form. You can enable it sitewide or per post/page basis.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate Comment Form Message. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Comment Form Message and enable your custom comment message:

The plugin allows you to:

  1. Set a sitewide message and/or a per post/page/custom-content-type message.
  2. Compose the message using WordPress visual editor. Add links, images, formatting etc.
  3. Includes a dozen or so eye-catching icons that you can add to your message.
  4. Customize message box background and text colours, shadow effects and border.


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