How To Import Themes From WordPress & Other Websites?

Default WordPress theme installation process is time consuming. Stevs Network has introduced a new instant process of downloading themes from and other websites simply by pasting their URLs.

Great for installing themes from other websites since there are many websites that provides WordPress themes but you cannot install such themes from WordPress theme browser. Hence, by default you will have to go with traditional process of downloading, uploading and then activating theme on your WordPress website.

But Theme Importer, a WordPress plugin simply copies the theme into your theme’s folder as soon you paste and click ‘Import’ button on its admin page.

So there comes no need to manually download any theme first then upload it to your WordPress site as one simple click is all that’s required.

Start by installing ‘Theme Importer’ plugin in your WordPress site

Theme Importer

Once activated, the plugin adds its link ‘Importer’ on your admin area dashboard Appearance menuAll you got to do, is paste your theme’s ZIP file link, click ‘Import’ button and it does the work with very fast import speed.

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