New WordPress Child Theme Wizard To Generate Child Themes In One Click

Child Theme Wizard is the new WordPress plugin that lets you easily generate a child theme (from any theme)  in just one click and lets you customise its options. The plugin provides you a one step wizard ;-) which lets you create a new child theme without any need for additional tools and coding as everything works right from the WordPress admin interface.

How To Use Child Theme Wizard?

Install and activate Child Theme Wizard plugin. Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Tools -> Child Theme Wizard page and choose a Parent Theme, a Title: what’s your new Child Theme called?, Description of a few notes about your Child Theme, you can specify a Child Theme URL if it have a website or you are planning to make a release post, Author name and URL, Version: starts with 1.0 and also if you want you can include GPL License.

Child Theme Wizard for WordPress

Finally, when you are done with its options, click ‘Create Child Theme’ button and that’s it. Now you can activate and customize your new child them from appearance menu.

To find out more about Child Themes and why they are important please refer to

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