How To Move WordPress Comments Between Posts?

Tako Movable Comments lets you easily move comments between posts in your WordPress site. It allows you to move comments from one post, or page to another. The plugin also works across custom post types. So now admins no longer needs to manually insert the content ID number for moving comments.

The plugin enables admins to select the post title from a drop down list and move comments. Nested comments are also moved if the comment chosen to be moved has any nested comments under it. The comments can also be moved in bulk. It has a bulk action that moves many comments automatically across posts, pages, and custom post types.

How To Move Comments Between Posts?

Install and activate Tako Movable Comments plugin. After activation click on edit comments and move your comments through the ‘Move Comments with Tako’ metabox.

For moving the comments in bulk, visit comments section from your admin area dashboard, select all comments that you need to move, then from the ‘Bulk Actions’ dropdown select move comments.


  • Move comments across posts, pages, and posts under custom post types
  • Automatically move all the nested comments under the comment chosen to be moved
  • Manual insertion of post ID is not needed; post/page can be chosen under a dropdown list
  • No more ugly dropdowns! Autocomplete enabled; searching for post title becomes easier
  • Comments can be move in bulk! No more slaving around and moving only one comment at a time!

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