How To Bring Disqus Recent Comments Widget Back To WordPress Installations ?

Disqus is a popular global commenting system for weblogs which improves discussion by connecting conversations across the world wide web. Recently Discus Comment System for WordPress has dropped support for recent comments widget. This tutorial explains you how you can easily enable Discus recent comments widget in your WordPress site.

Disqus Recent Comments Widget is new WordPress plugins, after activation the plugin creates a configurable discus recent comments widget that displays latest Disqus comments on sidebar or any other widget area your theme provides. After activation you will need to enter your short name and API key in its configuration page. For complete usage instructions refer to

The widget is saying, “No Recent Comments Found,” but there are comments, why aren’t they appearing? No problem, Disqus caps the number of requests you can make to their api at 1000 an hour for free accounts. Comments will start appearing again next hour. View more FAQs here.


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