How To Make Your BuddyPress Site Full Of Content & Activity In One Click?

Yes, you can automatically generate lots of users, messages, friends connections, groups, topics, activity items – useful for testing purpose in your BuddyPress powered WordPress site. BuddyPress Default Data not only generates data for making BuddyPress look content full website but all imported users will have their avatars, displayed via Gravatar. All auto generated data can be removed in one click.

To start, install and activate BuddyPress Default Data plugin. After activation visit your admin area dashboard Tools -> BP Default Data and tick BuddyPress data type you like importing to your website.

After selecting the checkbox options, click ‘Import Selected Data’ button and in a few seconds you will be seeing the notifications for imported users, groups, activity items etc.

You can also manually edit any group, avatar, user password and login with other user’s credentials to your BuddyPress site and test your website’s working and functions etc.

Another good thing about this plugin is that it makes your website look content full and provides you an instant delete option for deleting all fake content created by this plugin. Hence if you are launching a new community website then you can make your website look good and content ful via BuddyPress Default Data plugin.

How To Make Your BuddyPress Site Full Of Content & Activity In One Click?

And afterwards, when new users register on your website and makes your network active, you can delete all plugin generated data in one simple click. All you have to do is visit Tools -> BP Default Data and click ‘Clear BuddyPress Data‘ button.

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