How To Replace Words In Your WordPress Website Content?

Instead of editing WordPress posts one by one on your website in order to replace certain words, you can automate the process in a click of a button.

Word Replacer, a WordPress plugin lets you replace words instantly in one click. It allows you to replace words in posts, pages, titles, comments, bbPress and almost everywhere on your WordPress website.

All you got to do is type the words and their replacements as a list, click ‘Add/Update Words’ button to replace them all on your website.

Start by installing ‘Word Replacer’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Word Replacer.

Type-in the original words, replacement words and tick where you want to replace them such as posts, pages, title, comments etc.

You can add multiple words by adding more fields via ‘+ Add More Fields‘ button.

When you are done adding words click, ‘Add/Update Words‘ button and all your words would get replaced automatically.

Reverting back to original words:

In-case you need reverting back all replaced words, visit same page on your admin area dashbard Settings -> Word Replacer.

Tick delete check option infront of the words you would like to revert back and then click ‘Add/Update Words‘ button. That’s it.

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