How To Exclude Any WordPress Post From Internal Search?

Earlier we have discussed about excluding specific categories & tags selectively from home, blog, RSS and other archive pages in your WordPress website.

Now today, in this lesson you will learn about excluding any post or custom post type from internal search results page simply by ticking an option from edit post screen.

Excluding post from WordPress search

Easiest way of excluding any post from your website search results is OSD Exclude From Search Results plugin. It provides you a checkbox option on ADD NEW/EDIT post screen to exclude any post from built-in internal WordPress search.

Start by installing ‘OSD Exclude From Search Results’ plugin in your WordPress website

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New screen or open any old post or post type to edit.

Scroll down and you will be noticing a new metabox showing you a checkbox option to exclude that post from WordPress search results.

How To Exclude Any WordPress Post Or Post Type From Internal Search Results?

Simply tick that option and PUBLISH/UPDATE post, that’s it. It is an extremely light weight plugin script of just about 60 lines of code and hence it doesn’t takes any big load on your website or PHP memory.

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