Easily Replace Or Filter Words And Phrases In WordPress

You can update or clean up your website’s content by filtering and replacing words. For instance: Suppose you might want to replace ‘WordPress’ with ‘WordPress’ or you want to change any word you are using with some other word you think is better or want to make your “2112 Rates and Fees” become your “2113 Rates and Fees” everywhere that text exists or whatever. 

Word Filter Plus allows you to do all this very easily in your WordPress posts, excerpts, pages and comments etc.

You can replace one word or phrase with another word or phrase.

It can do this passively, by replacing content as it is displayed, leaving your database unchanged or you can do this actively by updating the content as it is created or edited, leaving the presentation of your website efficient as ever.

The plugin update all of the posts or comments at once.

Start by installing Word Filter Plus plugin in WordPress

Word Filter Plus 1

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Tools -> Word Filter Plus page and select plugin mode:

  1. Off (Do nothing during normal operation. Does not affect Batch Mode.)
  2. Passive (Change content as it is displayed. Slight performance cost.
  3. Active(Change content as it is saved. Alters content.)

Switch to ‘Replacements’ tab and add the words or phrases you like replacing. You can selectively turn on text replacement on posts, comments, pages and titles.

Word Filter Plus 2

You can also turn words to be case-sensitive and enable partial match.

For processing all of the existing content in your website:

Word Filter Plus 3

Move to ‘Batch’ tab, choose your options and start Post/Comment batch to apply all current replacement logic to ALL of your posts/comments.

You can export your list of replacements:

Word Filter Plus 4

The plugin also allows you to export or import list of replacements in a CSV file.

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