Affiliate Window Banners – V3 API For Loading Related Products In WordPress As Sidebar Widgets

Affiliate Window Banners is the new WordPress plugin. It uses V3 api and easily loads related products in your WordPress website as sidebar widgets. Remember you will be needing to get sign-up an affiliate account.


Affiliate Window Banners uses V3 api and pull in products from Affiliate Window marketplace. After getting your account you can go to API credentials in account setting options and sign up for a V3 API password.

This screenshot shows its basic layout of product feed in your sidebar. Styling can be done easily by using CSS:

WordPress Affiliate Window Banners Sidebar Widgets

This is Affiliate Window Banners dashboard settings page:

Affiliate Window Banners WordPress Admin Page

Simply install and activate it then visit its settings page, add your Affilaite windows ID number with V3 password. Then you set default site wide keywords and that will be used if you do not set one for each post or page. Note: Currently it only work with your WordPress blog posts and pages. Its not for custom post types.

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