Automatically Pull WordPress Plugin Banner And Title In Your Tutorials

If you are posting review or tutorial about any WordPress plugin, you can automatically display the title of the plugin, link to the plugin and the banner anywhere inside your post content to make an awesome presentation indeed.

WP Plugin Banner is the new WordPress plugin by Chris Klosowski. The plugin provides you a shortcode to showcase any plugin with title, link and banner in your post content.


Start by installing WP Plugin Banner plugin in your WordPress site. Upon activation, use this shortcode —

[plugin_banner slug="wp-plugin-banner"]

replacing wp-plugin-banner with the slug of the plugin you like to showcase in your article.  The plugin has a list of supported attributes:

slug - The slug to the WordPress plugin (found in the URL in the plugin directory)
link - If the image should be linked to the plugin in the directory. Options: true|false (default)
title_wrapper - What HTML element to wrap the title of the plugin with.

You can use these parameters in your shortcode.

For instance – By default the title and images are not linked to the plugin’s download page at WordPress but if you add the parameter link=true into the shortcode, the image will turn clickable to redirect the visitor to the plugin page at plugin repository.

How it works? The image status and plugin title are dynamically pulled from the via API and the data is cached for one week to keep better performance on your website.

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