How To Redact Text In Your WordPress Site?

Redacting text means to black out some text or words for other purposes like in law, when legally protected sections of text are obscured in a document provided to opposing counsel, typically as part of the discovery process or whatever. In WordPress post, it simply means you are blacking out a word which you don’t want to write or may be your want your visitors to use their brains and guess at word’s identity etc.

Guerrilla’s Redacted Text plugin provides you a simple shortcode for blacking out text.

You can use the shortcode inside your posts, pages and custom post types where you want names and info redacted and instantly black it out.

How To Use Guerrilla’s Redacted Text Plugin?

Simply install and activate it. After activation just use shortcode [redacted] anywhere you want the blacked out text block to show up. (There are no closing shortcode tag.)

You Can Use Custom Length For Redacted Text

Words are never of same length, some are long and some are very small. So if you want to make the redacted text appear longer than the default then there are three custom parameters you can use in your shortcode as shown below:

  • [redacted length=”medium”]
  • [redacted length=”large”]
  • [redacted length=”extra”]

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