How To Activate & Deactivate Plugins Right From WordPress Admin Bar?

Sometimes, specially while working on client websites and when installing many plugins for testing purposes to see which one works best for you, it becomes very irritating to again and again visit plugins admin page for deactivating plugins. This tutorial is on a plugin that makes this job easy by enabling you to quickly toggle plugin activation status from the WordPress toolbar. Best for developers.

How to Use Plugin Toggle?

Install and activate the Plugin Toggle plugin. After activation the plugin adds a new menu item labelled as Plugins in WodPress admin bar on top.

Now when you take up your mouse over to the plugins menu, a drop-down sub menu will appear listing all installed plugins on your WordPress site and you can activate/deactivate them from there simply by clicking them, All active plugins are displayed in White color whereas all deactivated plugins will show up dimmed in grayish color.

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