How To Host Audio Files & Create Music Playlists In WordPress?

WordPress not only supports oEmbed for SoundCloud type websites. But, it can also embed any audio or MP3 file simply by its URL. You can upload music files in your website, create playlists, embed songs etc with native WordPress functionality.

In this lesson you will learn about uploading music files to your WordPress site, creating playlists and embedding them inside your post content so that others can make use of it.

Start by logging into your WordPress site

Then visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New screen. Click ‘Add Media’ button and upload your music files.

WordPress Audio Playlists

You can embed a music file simply by copy-pasting their URL in your WordPress text editor or create playlists by selecting multiple audio files inside media uploader thickbox and clicking the ‘Create Audio Playlist’ option on left (just like you do for creating photo galleries).

Finally, insert your audio playlist, you can display audio playlists in your posts, pages and other custom post types.

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