How To Move Any Website From Joomla To WordPress?

Before migrating your Joomla website to WordPress, first make sure you have a self hosted WordPress site. We recommend you’s WordPress Hosting as it provides you easy one click WordPress installation and free database backups, (free backup is a limited time offer). Assuming you have a WordPress site, install and activate FG Joomla to WordPress, a free WordPress plugin to migrate Joomla website categories, posts, tags, images, media and other content to a WordPress.


After the plugin is active, navigate to your WordPress admin area Dashboard -> Tools -> Import and you will be seeing a list of import tools available for WordPress. You have to click on Joomla (FG) from the given list of available website importing tools.

You will be directed to Joomla Importer WordPress admin page. Now provide your Joomla website and database information.

Where To Find Joomla’s Database Information? For Joomla database settings, visit your Joomla administration area and navigate to Global Configuration -> Server (tab). Note: Same information is also present in your Joomla website’s configuration.php file which can be accessed by connecting to your website via some FTP client and viewing configuration.php file using any text editor like gedit or notepad.

Upon providing database information scroll to ‘Behavior’. If you like importing media files then check ‘Force media import‘ option. Now click “Import content from Joomla to WordPress” button.

Your content is now getting imported to WordPress The process can takes time depending upon the amount of content to be imported. Once everything is imported, the plugin will display a notice to you. After the process completes, its time to fix up the broken internal links. Scroll down and click ‘Modify internal links button.

Common Errors: A common error “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of *** bytes exhausted”. It means you will have to increase your PHP memory limit, you can easily do so by reading these tutorial:

If you are still facing any other problems then feel free to use the following comment form.

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