How To Start A Joomla Portal Website?

Joomla is a free and open source content management and portal application you can easily install in your hosting account. In 2005, Joomla forked from Mambo  and today is a widely used used application having been downloaded more over 25 million times.

In this tutorial we will be showing you how you can easily install Joomla and start a website with it using your hosting account.

How To Install Joomla?

If you are a new user then you should know that it provides you a domains with website hosting plans. Read tutorial on how to register a free domain name?

So first thing you need to do is get a website hosting plan, a free domain name the login to your account and launch Installatron, one click website installer.

cPanel X

Select Application Browser tab:

Installatron Applications Browser

Scroll down to ‘Apps for Content Management’ section and click ‘Joomla’.

Joomla - Installatron Applications Browser

Clicking ‘Joomla’ opens up it installation page showing you details and features of a Joomla based website. From here you can take application demo, check other websites using the same application etc.

To start Joomla installation process, click ‘+install this application‘ button.

This asks you to select a domain/subdomain/directory for installing your new Joomla website. If you are already running a website on your main domain then you can either go for a subdomain or use a subdirectry for installation.

Scroll down to ‘Settings’ section and type in your new website a username, password, admin email and then click ‘Install’ button.

It takes a few seconds and then provides you your new website address & admin section URL from where you can login and start managing your Joomla website.

Joomla - Installatron Applications Browser (2)

Joomla is an award-winning content management system. It is used by individuals, small and medium-sized businesses and organizations globally. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made Joomla a popular website software available.

Joomla - Installatron Applications Browser (1)


  • Multi-user functionality enables different users to have different levels of access.
  • Media Manager enables easy management of media files and folders stored online.
  • Banner Management makes setting up advertisements on a website a breeze.
  • Contact Manager helps users find the right person and their contact information.
  • Polls and Surveys gather data from website visitors.
  • Search helps visitors navigate content and provides search statistics.
  • Web Link Management enables every click to be organized and tracked.
  • Content Management tools enable website content to be organized in any way.
  • Syndication and Newsfeed Management enables visitors to subscribe to your website using their favorite RSS reader.
  • Menu Manager enables as many menus and menu items to be created as necessary.
  • Template Management is a powerful tool that enables a site to look exactly as intended.
  • Integrated Help System assists you at every step of creating your website.
  • Joomla! is infinitely extendable using the Joomla! extension manager.

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