How To Make Words More Understandable In Your WordPress Site ?

Sometimes using words that are not the part of daily life confuses your blog readers. In case they don’t know the meaning of some words they need to search it on Google or on some online dictionary. Hence it increases steps.

PoolParty Thesaurus

WordPress PoolParty Thesaurus

You can make your words understandable by linking posts with key terms and key terms with other key terms. PoolParty Thesaurus is a free WordPress plugin that imports a controlled vocabulary (SKOS thesaurus) or retrieves a thesaurus from a (public) SPARQL endpoint via web. Based on the thesaurus, terms inside your posts get high-lighted automatically, definitions are provided “inline” (as mouse-over effect) and links to the thesaurus terms are generated on-the-fly.

WordPress PoolParty Thesaurus Options

Install and activate it, then visit Dashboard -> Settings -> PoolParty Thesaurus.

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