Top 5 Plugin Types Every Blogger Needs After Installing WordPress

After installing WordPress, there are a couple of plugins you should install to make your WordPress blog more useful and awesome for your website visitors. After WordPress is installed there are a couple of modules every blogger needs to use in his website like social sharing features so that you readers can easily share your content and help you in increasing your reach, a related posts feature will enable them to browse other useful content from your website, social links will enable them to follow you on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ etc. A PinIt button over you images will allow them to easily pin good images of your website to their Pinterest pinboards, a SEO plugin will let you see how exactly your post looks like in search results and you can use choose good keywords which are searched more often etc.

Top 5 Plugins Types Every Blogger Needs After Installing WordPress

A Plugin For Displaying Social Profile Links

There are a couple of plugins for displaying your social media profile links. We have posted tutorials about some of the best social media widget plugins like:

  1. New Metro Style Social Media Widget For WordPress, good if you need to display social links in a cool metro style.
  2. If you are a fan of that awesome mashable style social widget then use read this: Showcase All Your Social Profiles Using Mashable Style Social Media Widget For WordPress.
  3. If you are looking for something simple and attractive then use Social Media Widget.

WordPress SEO Plugin

WordPress SEO by Yoast is best if you want to start a professional blogging. The plugin lets you do keyword research, you can use custom Facebook share images on per post basis, it adds its metabox in your post edit screen which enables you to see how your post looks like in search result, it provides you a live preview of your post title characters visible in search results. With this plugin you can generate a sitemap in one click, you can write better content, the content others are searching for, it provides you breadcrumbs and there are a lot more options.

Related Post Plugin

A related posts plugin enables your website visitors to browse related content, the related posts can either be shown after the post content or you can display them as a widget and Now You Can Display Related Posts With Thumbnails Using Jetpack also. We have posted a couple of tutorials about good related posts plugins, take a look:

  1. If you are looking for something fast and widely appreciated then use Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.
  2. If you are looking for something awesome, attractive for human eyes, loaded with lots of beautiful features and options then go for this tutorial: Display Related And Popular Content In The Style Of Popular WordPress Sites

Website Security Plugin

A security and website monitoring plugin helps you to keep track of your website activities like who is coming and from where and what he is doing, what IPs are making login attempts, is there any suspicious plugin or theme or PHP file loaded on your website etc. You can scan your WordPress installation for malware and get regular updates on security issues, you can limit login attempts etc. Read our tutorial on How To Easily Monitor Your WordPress Site For Hacks, Virus And Other Malware Attacks?.

Social Sharing Plugins

Although anyone willing to share anything from your website can do so manually but if you add some sharing button, you can make the process fast and easy and also this encourages your website visitors to help you in return. You can easily add a PinIt button over your images and for other social sharing buttons, there are many free social sharing plugins we have already reviewed:

  1. Beautiful Post Sharer For WordPress. Now Share Your Content Without Sharing Your Bandwidth
  2. Top 3 Social Media Sharing Plugins Used By Popular WordPress Websites
  3. Fade Images On Hover & Display Beautiful Sharing Icons In WordPress
  4. Beautiful Mashable Style Social Sharing Function For WordPress
  5. Beautiful Social Media Feather For WordPress
  6. Fast Elegant On Hover Social Sharing Buttons For WordPress
  7. Popular Social Media Sharing Buttons By ‘Add To Any’ For WordPress
  8. TechCrunch Style Lazy Load Social Media Sharing Buttons For Your WordPress Site

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