Quickly Insert Images In WordPress Posts. Avoid Reloading Tickbox Pop-Up, Make Multi-Insert & Mass-Editing Possible

Easily and quickly insert images inside your WordPress blog posts. Integrate media manager in editing interface, avoid reloading tickbox pop-up, and enhance features like image multi-insertion and image mass-editing.

Uploading and inserting images in WordPress or anywhere on Internet becomes irritating when you have a slow internet connection, lot of post content and images are many to upload but you can make it simple in your WordPress site.

Faster Image Insert

A free WordPress plugin that moves in-built Media Manager down in a meta-box next to main editing panel and in this way you get more control over the manager: open it, make it collapse or hidden right from the interface completely. Now you can insert image(s) at faster rate and precisely where you want. Some of the advantages you get:

  1. No thickbox, Use metabox with zero interface blocking.
  2. No hacking, Does’t affect (only enhances) the default upload interface.
  3. Mass info editing, One shot change title and captions.
  4. Smart switches: Set default uploader, disable captions.
  5. Insert multiple images in gallery & library mode. No use of shortcode. you can also insert them in reversed order, easily control image spacing. (View FAQs)

Faster Image Insert Options Page:

Upload Tab:

Gallery Tab:

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