How To Easily Add Popup Links In WordPress?

Earlier we discussed about Alligator Popup plugin which enables you to insert simple links which displays simple popup scrollable windows when clicked by the user. Now today we will how you how to insert an instant popup link in WordPress. Anything Popup is a free WordPress plugin to display custom text or HTML content in to unblockable popup window using default WP text editor. Popup appears by clicking the text or used image button.

Install and activate Anything Popup plugin. Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Anything Popup page and click ‘Add New‘ button.

popup anything 1

Here you can create your new popup using WordPress visual editors. You can also set Popup Window width, Popup Window height, Popup Header color, Popup Border color, Popup Header font color, Popup Popup title, Popup Link Text or Image URL for your popup button. When you’re done, click ‘Insert Details‘ button and you will be redirected to the above page.

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Finally, copy the shortocde and use it inside your posts or post types etc. You can create many popups and manage them all from the options page itself. Opup instantly appears whenever the link is clicked and goes away as soon the user hits its close button.

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