How To Get An Ordered List Of All Published URLs Of Your WordPress Site ?

Getting an ordered list of URLs of your WordPress site simply means that you can get a list showing ordered URL list of all of your blog posts, pages, CPTs etc. All you need to do is install and activate List All URLs plugin, after activation visit your Dashboard -> Settings -> List all URLs page and view your published URL list.

Now you will be thinking why would such a wired feature be useful ? 

Firstly, it allows you to quickly check all of your website URLs to ensure they are using valid characters (i.e no % symbols that may have been entered by copying and pasting from another document).

Secondly, let’s say you’re planning on moving your website to a new URL, or perhaps you would like to update many of your website’s existing URLs for better SEO or accessibility. This plugin give you a quick and easy way to view all website URLs on one single screen and can serve as a great starting point for creating a list of 301 redirects as part of an .htaccess file.

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