How To List The Emails Of Your WordPress Site Users By Role ?

Easily list the emails of your WordPress site users with chosen roles. You can show this email list in pages-posts and also you can hide it from the bots.

First of all install and activate new WordPress plugin List Users Emails. Then use following shortcode for listing emails of your users by role:

[list-emails roles=”user roles”]

Example-1 For listing the emails of site authors:

[list-emails roles=”author”]

Example-2 Following example shows the email listing of site admins and editors:

[list-emails roles=”administrator,editor”]

For hiding the email lists from bots you must add antibot=”hiddenspan” in your shortcode as shown:

[list-emails roles=”administrator,editor” antibot=”hiddenspan”]

You can use it with any user role, even with the roles that you have created manually.

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