Wikipedia Style jQuery Based Category List Widget For Your WordPress Site

You might have observed in Wikipedia and other Mediawiki based websites; they provides you jQuery based category listings, you can browse the sub categories simply by clicking the plus(+) button which expands the category list. This article is on a simple WordPress widget plugin that provides you a jQuery based category listing widget.

jQuery Categories List Widget is a simple WordPress plugin that provides a widget and with a filter to display a collapsible list of categories in your website’s widget area or inside posts by using its shortcode.

Plugin Features

  1. Display a collapsed list of your categories to reduce space.
  2. It uses jQuery for effects and to make them work with most browsers.
  3. Select the symbol for expanding/collapsing categories
  4. Select categories to exclude, so it shows only the categories you want.
  5. Autoexpand selected category (including it parent or child).
  6. Support for multiple instances.
  7. Simple layout configuration
  8. Shortcode support [jQuery Categories List] and there are more to come in future updates

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