Easily Filter Unanswered Comments In WordPress

Comments provide you a great route to engage your website visitors. As you become successful, your website starts to get more and more comments and it becomes hard to track unanswered ones. The reason is WordPress doesn’t provides you any option to filter unanswered comments. 

In this lesson we will show you how you can find unanswered comments and reply them any time.

DX Unanswered Comments is a WordPress plugin which upon activation provides you a new filter to watch unanswered user comments.

Start by installing and activating DX Unanswered Comments in WordPress

DX Unanswered Comments 1

Upon activation visit your admin are dashboard ‘Comments’ page and you will be noticing two new filters:

  • Non-replied: Displays all unanswered comments
  • Non-replied Top level: Displays only top level unanswered comments.

The built-in plugin functionality allows admin to assign a registered user to answer comments and mark them as replied.

DX Unanswered Comments 2

You can assign user from Settings -> DX Unanswered Comments page.

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