Easiest Way To Exclude Certain Tags & Categories From Home Page Of Your WordPress Site

You can easily exclude posts from certain categories and tags to appear on the homepage of your website. Advanced Category Excluder is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to exclude selected categories and also tags to appear on the home page of your website.

Install and activate it. After activation it adds a new sidebar admin area menu ACE which various useful options you can use for excluding tags and categories from home page.

The plugin can override your blog search results, RSS feed listing, category listing, recent post and even recent post widgets including your entry page, or hide whole categories of posts from web crawlers if you like to. The plugin is very useful for SEO reasons, for content separation, for grouping information, and handle them as real sub pages etc.

Some of its useful functions are:

  1. Integration with Google (XML) Sitmap Generator plugin
  2. Effective category management
  3. Effective content separation
  4. Enables CMS-like functionality
  5. RSS feed manipulation
  6. Search result manipulation
  7. Category list manipulation
  8. Support for Event Calendar
  9. Handles multiple link categories
  10. noindex, nofollow web crawler options for robots – great for SEO
  11. Own Recent Comments, Recent Posts and Categories widgets have been added
  12. Backward SQL compatibility with MySQL 4.0
  13. Nice control panel, called ACE Dashboard
  14. Localization added (swedish, french and hungarian translation included)
  15. Bundeled POT file for translators

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