How To Enable @ Mentions Feature For WordPress Comments?

When posting a new comment, you can enable a new functionality for users to directly mention the author of another comment in WordPress. The feature is similar to popular Facebook and Twitter mentions, comments can use “@” symbol. Mention comment’s Authors by Wabeo lets you enable this functionality in a very easy way.

Enabling @ Mentions Feature For WordPress Comments

Install and activate Mention comment’s Authors by Wabeo plugin and you are done. Upon activation the plugin adds following features in WordPress commenting system:

  • In the comments field, when an user entered the “@” symbol, it allows, through an autocompletion system, to quote (or poke) a preceding commentator.
  • Once comments validated, the mentioned names take the appearance of buttons. When the user clicks on it, window scrolls to the preceding comment from the person named. A class is added to it, for temporarily customize it in CSS.

OR Alternatively, you can also give a try to new plugin Comments Users Mentions, it simply enables you to mention a WordPress user in a comment.

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