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How To Enable @ Mentions Feature For WordPress Comments?

When posting a new comment, you can enable a new functionality for users to directly mention the author of another comment in WordPress. The feature is similar to popular Facebook and Twitter mentions, comments can use “@” symbol. Mention comment’s Authors by Wabeo lets you enable this functionality in a very easy way.

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Bring Facebook POKE Feature To Your BuddyPress Network

You must have observed this feature on Facebook. Facebook Poke is an old feature of Facebook. Now you can enable Poke in your BuddyPress site too. BuddyPress Poke is the new plugin by Anu Sharma. The plugin simply activates Poke in BuddyPress that enables your community members to poke other members, just like Facebook.

bp-poke screenshot 1Other user profile

bp-poke screenshot 2Poke screen

bp-poke screenshot 3Error message

bp-poke screenshot 4Poke back screen

Simply install and activate the plugin. Upon activate your logged in members will be able to poke by visiting other users profile and using poke button.