Set Up AdSense Via Shortcode On Multi-Author WordPress Blog

In this lesson you will learn how to easily set up AdSense display via shortcodes in your multi-author WordPress blog. 

Multi-Author AdSense is the new WordPress plugin that provides website owners running multi-author blogs complete control over their authors AdSense output.

Start by installing ‘Multi-Author AdSense’ plugin in WordPress

After the plugin is activated, visit your admin area dashboard Multi-Author AdSense -> Settings page to select your ad display options.

Multi-Author AdSense 1

Save your changes, now your website authors may visit their profile page on admin area dashboard Users -> Your Profile screen to enter their AdSense publisher ID.

Once publisher ID is saved, users may insert an ad inside their content, with the shortcode: [maa id=’basic’]. More information about shortcode can be accessed from plugin settings page.

Also, one can align ads to left, right or center by using following parameters:


[MAA] will not center or wrap text. To align ad use these shortcodes: [MAA align=”left”] , [MAA align=”center”] and [MAA align=”right”] .

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