How To Display Post Authorship For Unregistered Authors In WordPress?

Here an awesome plugin for the websites that allows guest posting. Default WordPress feature provides you authorship i.e. displaying author’s name with link to all posts he posted on your website but what then when you want to publish some posts without registering any new author in your WordPress site.

Sometimes you like displaying an author name on a post without register any new user and sometimes when you delete any registered author and WordPress assigns all his posts to someone else but you want to display his name for the posts he made on your website. Here’s your solution.

Enabling Authorship For Unregistered Users:

Simply install and activate the new Post Authorship plugin. After activation the plugin adds a new metabox (for entering custom author name) on your add new & edit post screens. The metabox provides you a simple text field to enter a custom author name.

Now if you leave it to blank, the plugin will display original author’s name but if you type any name there then plugin will change the default author name to the name you just typed. Another good thing about the plugin is that it displays the author’s name with link (just like WP default) which directs the users to a page showing archive of posts made by that particular author and hence the registered and unregistered authors on the frontend looks the same.

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