How To Edit Footer Information In WordPress Atahualpa Theme ?

Today one of our reader emailed us asking how he can edit footer information (powered by) links in Atahualpa WordPress Theme. He tried to edit it in Theme’s footer file but he didn’t get any link showing powered by information, he searched for it in other theme files and at last he got it in the functions.php file but as soon he removed it he got some footer error on the front end of his WordPress blog.

If you also looking for a possible way to edit Atahualpa Theme’s footer in you website then you can easily do so reading this tutorial. Following are two cases where first one shows removing powered by text and links completely from your Atahualpa theme’s footer and second one shows editing powered by text and links with your own.

Case-I If You Want To Remove Footer Information In Atahualpa:

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  • Log in to your WordPress Admin Area Dashboard.
  • Visit Open Theme’s Editor -> Select Atahualpa Theme -> Open functions.php file
  • Now search for the following line of code:

function bfa_footer_output($footer_content) {
global $bfa_ata;
$footer_content .= ‘<br />Powered by <a href=””>WordPress</a> &amp; <a href=””>Atahualpa</a>’;
return $footer_content; }

  • Replace it with this snippet:

function footer_output($footer_content) {  return $footer_content; }


Case-II If you Want To Edit Footer Information In Atahualpa

In this case you can simply edit variable by changing powered by text and links. Find out the following line in your Atahualpa theme’s functions file and edit it with your own:

$footer_content .= ‘<br />Powered by <a href=””>WordPress</a> &amp; <a href=””>Atahualpa</a>’;

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