How To Remove Or Edit WordPress Admin Area Footer And Version Information ?

You might have noticed there is a small message (Thank you for creating with WordPress.) and version information on every WordPress admin area dashboard’s footer. Some users wants to remove it, if you are one of them then here’s an easy hack and a simple plugin that lets you remove admin footer information very easily.

Open your theme’s function.php file, add the following snippet and that’s all, your admin footer is clean.

function replace_footer_admin ()
echo ‘<span id=”footer-thankyou”></span>’;

add_filter(‘admin_footer_text’, ‘replace_footer_admin’);
function replace_footer_version()
return ‘ ‘;
add_filter( ‘update_footer’, ‘replace_footer_version’, ’1234′);

Some WordPress users prefer using plugin so that they don’t need to backup their theme’s function and other files when new updates arrive. So if you like using plugin then install and activate Remove Admin Footer and Version. After activation it automatically removes admin area footer information and version. WordPress multisite admins may network activate it.

In-case you want to display something else like your website link and text as admin area footer information then install and activate Admin Customization, it includes various other features like you can change the backend favicon, change the backend logo, hide the admin logo text and logo image or both, change the logo text font size, change the login page logo with a logo of any width, change the admin footer text, disable dashboard widgets, hide update notices and plugin update count, turn on redirection to homepage on administration panels logout etc.

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