How To Easily Collect & Organize Snippets Across World Wide Web?

Snippez is a website snippet collector that a lets you save website snippets and organize them. You can use the service by logging in with your Google account (no seperate Registration). The website will ask you to login with your Google Account. Click the button ‘Login with Google’ allow permissions. This will login you to Snippez dashboard where you can add, edit & organize your collections.

Now for using Snippez,simply right-click on any website you are browsing then select a option from from the context menu like

  1. You can add page to Snippez
  2. You can add selection to Snippez
  3. You can add image, audio or video to Snippez
  4. You can manage your collections easily via Drag-&-Drop
  5. Publish your collections and share them with your friends etc

Snippez Chrome Extension

You can also use Snippez Chrome Extension and add it to your Google Chrome browser. What all this extension does is add a bookmarket to (in chrome’s home/new tab).

How to add new Snippez?

  • Visit any web page, select text or image in your browser, right click and choose “Add to snippez”. That’s all.
  • Your new snippez is in your Inbox.

How to manage your collections

  1. Click plus icon o add a new collection. Type the name and press “Enter” to save.
  2. Click edit icon to edit the collection name.
  3. Click trash bin icon to delete the collection. The contained snippez move to Trash.
  4. Click trash bin icon present in Trash to completely delete trashed snippez.

How to organize Snippez?

  • Drag snippez for changing their order or moving them to a different collection.
  • Also you can select a multiple snippez by SHIFT or CTRL click.

How to edit Snippez?

  • Simply click snippez and get to detail view.
  • Now in detail view click edit icon.

How to show your friends?

  • Click small eye icon to make a collection public. The public link is displayed.
  • You can make the collection private again by clicking the cross eye icon.

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