Easily Store & Organize Photos, Music, Movies, Articles Across The Word Wide Web

KeepOne.Com is a very useful service for those who like keeping web content in a organised way. Using this utility you can keep everything like music, movies, articles, images and other hobbies at one place and also you can share your collections with your best friends, work buddies, schoolmates, or with your second half.

KeepOne - Keep Every Thing

KeepOne.Com is still a BETA release so you will be getting more useful features in the near future. Using KeepOne you can:
  • You can collect great content you once found on the Internet, e.g. an Amazon book review, an eBay product summary, Vimeo video clips, Youtube playlists, Pinterest images, articles to read later and the likes.
  • You can organize cool stuff making your own collections.
  • You can share your collections with family, schoolmates & co-workers etc.

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