How To Collect & Share Videos Directly From Your Google Drive?

Pixorial Video allows you to collect, share and tell stories with your videos directly from your Google Drive. It allows you edit and share videos which you have uploaded to Google Drive. It makes sharing more fast and easy and lets you bring all your videos in the cloud. You can add new videos to your library: mobile, digital, vintage, and even videos from your friends.

Pixorial Video

How To Start Using Pixorial?

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You can visit its website or install its chrome application:

  1. After installing the app, all videos in your Google Drive will automatically appear in your Pixorial library. It instantly sync your videos.
  2. Now create a unique video creation. Use our intuitive editing tools to trim, add titles, music and transitions.
  3. Share your videos anywhere – to your favorite social networks, via email, or with a customized Videocard or DVD.
  4. You can access your videos anywhere. Once you’re finished, you can also export and save your creations in Google Drive.

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