Easily Bring iOS 7 Home To Your Google Chromebook

Yes now you can easily convert your Google Chrome home (i.e. new/empty) into an iOS 7 home by following few simple steps given here:

Step- 1 First of all open your Google Chrome browser, click wrench (customzie & control) menu present on the top right corner of Chrome, now click ‘Settings’

Step-2 On settings page scroll to ‘On Start Up’ sub-section and select radio button: Open a specific page or set of pages.

Step-3 Now click ‘Set pages’ button and add this URL – http://www.ios7home.com/

This is an awesome fun website that brings IOS 7 to your chrome, a customizable website with IOS 7 having style, App Store, Games, and a lot more. It gives you a feeling like you are using one of Apple devices not just a Chrome browser or Chromebook.

Looks even more nice when your Chrome is on fullscreen mode, Press F11 for fullscreen and enjoy working new Apple environ. As a starter, simply click and hold on a second on any app icon then let the fun begin.

You can also try IOS 7 Home Chrome App

Enjoy all what you used to do on IOS 7 devices:

It lets you enjoy all what you used to do on IOS 7 devices. Like you get multiple screens and you can navigate through them using keypad or mouse, you can enter app edit mode, you can activate apps by clicking, hold on and move apps between screen pages, reorganize or delete any app then double click or ESC and deactivate edit mode.

Customization options and settings:

It also offers you customization options and settings, click the settings icon and explore IOS 7 home settings, change wallpaper, export and import settings and also you can add any website you want to your iOS7 Home.

Also offers an App Store:

IOS 7 Home also offers you an App Store where you can find all popular sites from all categories like games, social, news and others.

Using the app store you can install whatever apps you like adding to your iOS Home.

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