Easily Promote Your Blog, Latest Post & Social Links On Every Email You Send

WordPress Website Email Signature – by WiseStamp is a chrome app that lets you promote your WordPress blog’s address, recent post and social links on every email you send using a customizable signature template and it does that automatically. To start first install WordPress Website Email Signature – by WiseStamp in your Google Chrome’s web browser.

Now click the launcher and you will be directed to following page.

WordPress Website Email Signature

Click the button to complete the process. You will be asked to add its chrome extension, click ‘Add’ button. After the download, you will be asked to enter your website’s address so enter it and it will be added to your email.

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Now time to create and customize your email signature. Click ‘Yes Please’ button followed by create an email signature’s ‘Start Now’ button. You will be directed to a box asking you to select your email template and add your social links etc. You can choose a Template from the collection, you can customize its font & colors, include contact info, upload your picture or logo.

When you’re done with the customizations click the ‘Save’ button and the signature showing your blog address, recent post and social links (and whatever you have included) will automatically get added after your emails. You can check the plugin by composing a new email. You can use multiple email signatures and add select them manually using a new icon added in your compose mail’s page.

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