How To Edit Almost Anything On Internet To Prank Your Friends?

Facebook likes, Twitter followers, news on New York Times, profiles, websites, YouTube views and almost anything you find Internet can be edited for fun and to prank your friends etc. Hack this page is a Google Chrome extension that enables you to edit any webpage in a click of a button. Just one click and the page becomes editable, another click and the editing turns off and then you can screenshot it to prank your friends.

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Simply add Hack this page extension in your Google Chrome or Chromium browser. It adds skull icon in top right corner (right next to address bar) of your Google Chrome browser. For editing any page, click that skull icon and the page will become editable, you can change the text, title etc and then again click that skull icon and page will be saved in your browser. Now you can screenshot it to post on Facebook etc and prank your friends ;-)

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