How To Customize Colors Of New Twenty Thirteen WordPress Theme ?

Twenty Thirteen is new vivacious color WordPress theme released with WordPress 3.6 update. This tutorial explains you how you can quickly and easily change color strategy of this new WordPress theme for your branding etc.

First install and activate the new WordPress plugin called Thirteen Colors. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard → Appearance → Customize page and click ‘Colors‘ sub heading. From this page you can select your theme colors using color select boxes or simply type your own color codes.

Twenty Thirteen theme provides you various colors which you can change using this new powerful WordPress plugin called Thirteen Colors:

  1. Color 1 (navbar, aside & link format, comments background; quote, status, audio, video format text)
  2. Color 2 (link hover, gallery & chat format background)
  3. Color 3 (audio & video format background, nav hover, buttons)
  4. Color 4 (paging links, alternate link color, button hover)
  5. Color 5 (primary link color)
  6. Color 6 (status format background, gallery & chat format links)
  7. Color 7 (caption, video format meta text; nav hover/sub-menu, audio/video player, footer widgets, quote format background)
  8. Color 8 (general text)
  9. Color 9 Header Text Color

The plugin also integrates a simple tool that can generate a custom header image (Dashboard → Appearance → Customize -> Header Image Sub-Section ) based on your theme colors.

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