Tweak Twenty Fourteen WordPress Theme, Make It Full Width, Center Aligned, Change Colors And Much More

The new default WordPress theme, Twenty Fourteen has an awesome layout but there are few things some bloggers are not liking. For example: Twenty Fourteen theme floats to left by deafult and in big screens it shows some empty space on the right side. The theme is left align so the background color shows up only next to right sidebar. Theme’s primary menu floats to right, you cannot modify all theme colors by default etc etc.

Fourteen Extended, is the new WordPress plugin you were waiting for. The plugin provides you options for tweaking new Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme. Using this new plugin you can make your theme centrally aligned, you can make it full-width and remove that odd right side space showing up on big screens. And there are a lot of other things you can do:

  1. Center align the entire site.
  2. Set Blog feed to full width.
  3. Set single posts to full width.
  4. Set content off the featured image i.e. move content below the post featured image.
  5. Adjust the content max-width up to 874px for that uniform look – default is 474px.
  6. Float the Primary menu to the left.

And there are many more new options currently under development.

How to tweak your Twenty Fourteen theme with Fourteen Extended plugin?

Install and activate Fourteen Extended plugin. Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize page and you will be seeing a new tab with  title ‘Twenty Fourteen General Options’ has been added to customize page. Now set the options present in ‘Twenty Fourteen General Options’ tab and enjoy.

How To Tweak Colors Of Twenty Fourteen Theme?

Yes, you can also tweak all default colors of Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme and change them with your favorite colors. Few days back we posted an article on a plugin which lets you modify any theme colors. Well the plugin works good with Twenty Fourteen also. So give it a try and modify all Twenty Fourteen colors visually.

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