Extend WordPress Theme Customizer With Fonts, Colors, Live CSS Editor & More

Now you can easily extend your default WordPress theme customzier and add more options to it like you can add Fonts, Colors, Live CSS Editor and other customization options to active theme in your WordPress site. 

Customify – A Theme Customizer Booster‘ is a WordPress plugin that provides you various customization fields on native WordPress theme customizer.

Start by installing ‘Customify – A Theme Customizer Booster’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Customify page and select your options. Here you can enable disable Typography Options, use standard fonts, Google fonts, group Google fonts and more.

Customify 2

When you’re done with options, visit your admin area dashboard Appearance -> Customize page and start customizing your theme.

It provides you customization fields for:

  • Color. A color picker used to control any text or background color of an element.
  • Typography. A series of typographic options that allow you to access the massiveGoogle Fonts library and make them available inside your theme customizer.

Customify 1

  • CSS Editor. A powerful Live CSS Editor directly into your customizer! Useful for better control over the appearance of your theme without the need to create a child theme or worry about theme updates overwriting your customizations.
  • Text Field. A simple text field that allows you to customize elements like Site Title or Footer Credits.
  • Select Dropdown. A drop-down menu selector to be used when you have to choose from multiple options.

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